Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Hobby is Photography

Photography is my hobby. I'm very interested in photography when I in university. So, I joined Kelab Fotokreatif UTM as junior member. In my thought, I was joined this club because  want to learn about photography but after first 6 month joined this club, I was appointed to be treasurer in sub-committee 38th UTM convocation  because my senior members look at my commitment to the club.

Therefore, beside of learn about photography, I also learned about management of society. In session 2008-2009 semester, I was promoted to be president of this club. This is the highest position in this club. In the top level of management, a lot of challenges that I have been faced. How to deal with another members, alumni, staffs in UTM and also deal with other outside company such as printing photo company.

By doing photography as my hobby, I also make money by doing part time job as wedding photographer.First time I become official wedding photographer when I at my hometown. I was took the wedding photo ceremony my friend's cousin. Below are the photos that I have been taken and do some editing.

The female bride is my friend's cousin. This photo is front page of the album photo that useful to tell who see the album to know what the date and where of this wedding ceremony take place.

The 'Akad Nikah' ceremony done in Friday night, the night  before the wedding ceremony.
The overall wedding ceremony. I give the theme of this ceremony is Gold Glitter because of the attire of the both bride is gold color.
Black and white to give effect as historical situation and nostalgic memory.
Hopefully lasting until the end of life. Make editing like magazine cover to make them feel popular.

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