Saturday, October 23, 2010

Internship at Boustead Naval Shipyard

Internship or practical training is one of the requirement that need to be done we can be graduated. Internship will exposed students about the real working life in order to make the students prepare themselves for future career after graduated. 

My internship was done at Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) Sdn. Bhd, Lumut Perak. This is Government Link Company (GLC). BNS have two main departments that are Ship Repair Division and Ship Building Division. Most of the ship that have been repair and build are from Malaysia Navy. There are also build ship hotel and big tugboat.

I was going the internship in about 10 weeks started in July 2009. At there, I have been located at Ship Repair Division. Under the Ship Repair, there are so many workshops and I have experienced on job training as skill worker at 4 workshop that are Pipe, Valve and Pump Workshop, HVAC and Machining Workshop, Engine Repair Workshop and Hydraulic and Shafting Workshop.

I have been experienced to do the jobs such as maintenance on split unit air conditioner, tapping for engine mounting board, as a crew to the job for change base plate for ship fin stabilizer and also change oil piping valve, checked the straightness of propeller shaft and a lot of workshop pressure test of components such as valve and and hydraulic system.
At KD Lekiu ship fin stabilizer. Remove the old fin stabilizer base plate.

Very hard to unbolt the nut.
Use the chain lock to push up the base plate.

Although, the training was as low level worker and do what low level workers do but by doing these kind of jobs, I have gained a lot of experienced. It is very important to me in future work as an engineer. As an engineer, we need to know to do all the jobs although we do no need to do the job. To plan the schedule of the jobs, it is important to engineer to know the all jobs because by knowing the jobs, we can estimate the time to finish out the jobs.

Other than that, learned to get bonding with low level workers and also with high level workers. The ways to threat them, the ways to communicate with them and etc are the good opportunity that not can be learned at the lecture hall because this not in syllabus. It is all about your experienced and how to this experienced is based on yourself. 

Finally, I can said that the internship is very useful and really means to me. Thank very much to all workers at this company. Every advices and knowledges that I have got form there, I will use it to all entire of my life. 


  1. I do have deep interest to undergo internship at BNS. sesuai tak working environment sane if ladies apply? wuu

  2. klu pondan sesuai..supaya keluar semula kejantanan mereka